Laser Tag Frontal Assualt Laser Combat Weapons

Realistic Weapons

Frontal Assault uses laser weapons with realistic look and feel. This isn't kiddie laser tag! Our simulation weapons are made of metal for a hard core look, weight and feel.

Tatical Laser Tag Missions Baltimore Frontal Assault

Mission Based Play

Complex missions and scenarios with in every session. Enjoy games right our of video games like Domination, Search & Destroy and Team Deathmatch.

Frontal Assault Laser Combat Laser Tag Outdoor Mobile Party

Mobile Frontal Assault Parties

Bring Frontal Assault laser tag to your next birthday party, event or company picnic. We can go anywhere indoor or outdoor, day or night.

Frontal Assault Tactical Laser Tag Combat Baltimore

Unique Modern Arena

Play in our arms dealer's warehouse. Multiple team bases, respawning, video surveillance and more inside the most unique laser combat arena in Baltimore. A perfect compliment to XP LaserSport's giant traditional indoor arena.

laser tag tactical hard core Baltimore Frontal Assault

Hard Core Laser Tag

Frontal Assault is hard core laser tag. Use small squad tactics to win the game.

tactical laser tag Baltimore

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Live Video Game

You’ve heard it before, but Frontal Assault delivers. Our equipment, missions and arena bring the most popular first-person shooter games like Call of Duty and Battlefield to life. No more kiddie games. This is hard core play designed for adult players.

Mission-Based Play

Our simulations are not about scoring points like a pinball game. You and your fellow players will have to work together as a tactical team to solve puzzles and secure areas. Every session is different with unique missions.

XP Laser Sport

Frontal Assault is part of the XP LaserSport family and inside the Owings Mills location. We’ve been bringing you the best laser tag in the Baltimore-Washington area for over 10 years.

Reserve Your Time

Call now to reserve your group’s play spot. With tactical squads of up to 6 players, Frontal Assault will fill up fast. Each session is 30 minutes and includes 4 missions. Call today to XP Laser Sport at (443) 590-0123.