• Call of Duty Tournament Standind Day 1

    Call of Duty standings so far…
    Justin J/Vernon S 12040
    Sheldon H/Dalton H 11400
    Miles I/Lon C 10074
    Mike W/Chris R 9520
    Donyae W/Jalen B 5950
    Steve S/Jimmy T 5775

    Cmon folks…are we going to give away the prizes to these teams. We have room today for a 16 team tournament…show up between 1 and 3 to qualify. Finals start at 3:30 pm.

  • Call of Duty Tournament to Benefit Navy Seal Foundation

    Frontal Assault will host a video game tournament in honor of our Grand Opening benefiting the Navy Seal Foundation.

    COD Black Ops 2 Tournament

    Preliminary rounds of the tournament will take place from Saturday, March 16, 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM and Sunday, March 17, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Single Elimination finals (for teams that qualify) will take place from 3:30 PM to 7:00 PM on Sunday, March 17.

    We will post the top 20 teams on our web site at and here on Facebook by 11:00 PM on Saturday night (March 16). We’ll make every attempt to update the final top 16 teams by 3:00 PM on Sunday, March 17. Please, no phone calls to XP LaserSport to see if you qualified.

    To participate in the tournament, you must play a preliminary round game versus bots with your partner. The top 16 scores (not kills) will qualify for the final round. You can enter the prelims multiple times to improve your score and placement, but we request a donation for each entry.

    The Navy Seal Foundation

    Frontal Assault has decided to support The Navy Seal Foundation with all proceeds of the tournament. 100% of tournament entry fees will be donated to The Navy Seal Foundation.

    The Navy Seal Foundation is a incredible military non-profit support organization based in Virginia. We’re proud to support them with this tournament.

    The Foundation’s work focuses on three key areas. Family support services include tragedy assistance as well as morale-building activities. Educational programs encourage lifelong learning and provide motivation. Legacy activities—for those who make the ultimate sacrifice and for NSW veterans—ensure that service is always honored.


    OVER $1000 in prizes.

    • 1st Place Team Receives $200 in cash and a $300 private party for Frontal Assault
    • 2nd Place Team Receives $60 in cash and $100 in XP LaserSport Gift Certificates
    • 3rd Place Team Receives $100 in XP LaserSport Gift Certificates
    • 4th Place Team Receives 4 x $20 Passes for Frontal Assault
    • 5th – 16th Place Teams Receive 2 x $20 Passes for Frontal Assault

    COD Black Ops 2 Rules


    • Game is played 2 vs 2.
    • Judges rulings are final and judge has the authority to change the
      rules to accomodate for unexpected situations, technical problems or
      timing issues.
    • All game spectators may not offer coaching or game information (i.e.
      “he’s in the tower”) to players in the game. To help assure a fair
      game, spectators may select on team’s screen to watch for any round.
      Spectators who cannot follow these rules will be removed from the game
      area and/or eliminated from the tournament.
    • Players will remain courteous to the referee and other players at
      all times. Taunting, threatening, physical contact or loud complaining
      to the referee or other players will not be tolerated and will result in
      being removed from the tournament with no refund.

    Preliminary Round

    • In prelimianry round, all teams will compete in 10-minute a local
      game of Team Deathmatch against 8 enemy Hardened bots on the Express
      map. Game will be set up by XP LaserSport staff.
    • Players will have up to 5 minutes to set classes
    • All preliminary games will be split screen.
    • IMPORTANT Player must have XP LaserSport staff at their screen once the final kill camera starts to copy down scores.
    • The combined scores of the two-man team will be used to seed players
      for the final round. Only the top 16 adult teams and top 4 youth teams
      will make it to the final round.
    • Players may reenter the preliminary tournament as often as they
      would like, but they must repay the requested donation each time. Only their best
      score will be used. Teams cannot enter the finals more than once.
    • In the case of a tie, a coin toss will determine seeding

    Final Round

    • Final round is single elimination.
    • Players will use provided controllers. Non-electronic add-on components for controllers must be approved prior to tournament.
    • Players are responsible for being available and on time for matches.
      In the event that a team is more than two minutes late for a match,
      they will receive a yellow card. A team that receives a second yellow
      card or a team that is more than 5 minutes late forfeits the tournament.
    • Before each match, players will have a maximum of 5 minutes to set classes. Classes may not be modified between rounds of a match.
    • Each match will consist of the best 2 of 3 rounds.
    • Before each match, the referee will flip a coin. The winner may
      select the game or the map first. The loser will receive the choice that
      is left (game type or map).
    • A team who selects the map may choose any standard map with the
      exception of Hijacked (the tie-breaker map). Map selection always occurs
      before game selection.
    • The team that selects the game type may select one of the following
      game types: Domination, Hardpoint, Headquarters, Demolition, or Capture
      the Flag.
    • The team who selects the map is responsible for creating and setting up the game, including game mode settings.
    • The team with the highest score wins the round.
    • For the second round, the teams switch roles. The team that selected
      the map in the first round, now selects the game and vice versa. You
      may not select the same map or game type selected in the first round.
    • If a round ends in a tie score, neither team is declared the victor for that round.
    • In the event that neither team has won 2 rounds at the end of the
      second round, a single 3 minute round of Team Deathmatch on Hijacked
      will be played to determine the winner. The team that picked the map
      first will set up and start this game.
    • In the event that this third round is also a tie, a coin flip will determine who wins the match.

    Game Settings

      • The following game settings are for all games, including preliminary
        round. Used of a banned items results in a loss of that match. Note that bots cannot be prohibited from using banned items. This is part of the preliminary round.
      • All Games
        • Scorestreaks: Enabled
        • Hardcore Mode: Disabled
        • Killcam: Enabled
        • Friendly Fire: Enabled
        • Silent Plant: Disabled
      • Domination
        • Time Limit: 5 Minutes
        • Score Limit: Unlimited
        • Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds
        • Round Limit: 2
        • Switch Sides: Every Round
      • Demolition
        • Time Limit: 3 Minutes
        • Round Limit: 2
        • Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds
        • Round Switch: Every Round
        • Bomb Timer: 30 Seconds
        • Extra Time: 2 Minutes
      • Headquarters
        • Time Limit: 10 Minutes
        • Score Limit: Unlimited
        • Capture Time: 20 Seconds
        • Destroy Time: 20 Seconds
        • Lifetime: 1 Minute
        • Activation Delay: 30 Delay
      • Capture the Flag
        • Win Condition: Total Flag Captures
          • In the event of a tie, overtime should be played in order to establish a winner.
        • Time Limit: 5 Minutes
        • Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds
        • Capture Limit: No
        • Round Limit: 2
        • Enemy Carrier: Delayed
        • Auto Return: 30 Seconds
        • Pickup Time: Instant
        • Return Time: Instant
      • Hardpoint
        • Time Limit: 10 Minutes
        • Score Limit: 250
        • Lifetime: 1 Minute
        • Capture Time: None
        • Locations: Linear Order
      • Banned Weapons
        • All Launchers
        • Assault Shield
      • Banned Lethals
        • C4
        • Claymore
        • Bouncing Betty
      • Banned Tacticals
        • Sensor Grenade
        • Trophy System
        • Shock Charge
        • Tactical Insertion
      • Banned Attachments
        • MMS
        • Target Finder
        • Launcher
        • Select Fire (For FAL and SMR Only)
      • Banned Perks
        • Flak Jacket
        • Tactical Mask
        • Ghost
        • Awareness
      • Banned WildCards
        • Overkill
        • Danger Close
  • Grand Opening March 1

    Frontal Assault will have it’s official Grand Opening on Friday, March 1, 2013. Join us from 3pm to 11pm.

  • Secret Opening Date is Friday 1/26

    We’ll be playing for the first time this coming Friday. Come try out the newest laser combat game in Baltimore. Missions will run every 40 minutes.

  • Open Soon

    The arena for Frontal Assault laser tag is being put together as you’re reading this. We’re working some long hours to get things together. Our plan is to open in January. Sign up for our e-mail list…you’ll find out about the opening first there and receive a discount pass to try Frontal Assault out!

Make Your Reservations Now to Play Frontal Assault Laser Combat. Call (443) 590-0123.

Located at XP Laser Sport, 12400-B Owings Mills Blvd., Reisterstown, MD 21136