Frontal Assault Laser Combat Field

The Frontal Assault crew is hard at work building the modern tactical laser tag arena at XP LaserSport Owings Mills.

The concept comes straight from your favorite first-person shooter video games. The arena will be an arms dealer’s warehouse with several sections. There’s the office and lobby, complete with Dilbert-style cubicles where the ‘sales team’ makes their connections and accountants add up the revenue from the weapon sales.

Next is the warehouse section, complete with shelves and pallets of the latest weaponry. At the back of the warehouse are the bigger weapons…a collection of missiles and other heavy weapons.

Throughout the arena are 8 home bases. Different missions will start your tactical team on different points in the field.

No more space ships, alien jungles or dark black-light rooms. This is hard core laser combat!

Check out these old photos of our arena. We continue to add elements to the arena to make it more challenging and realistic.

Frontal Assault Laser Combat Full Field ShotFrontal Assault Laser Combat Mid Fields
Frontal Assault Laser Combat Warehouse EndFrontal Assault Laser Combat Sideview


Make Your Reservations Now to Play Frontal Assault Laser Combat. Call (443) 590-0123.

Located at XP Laser Sport, 12400-B Owings Mills Blvd., Reisterstown, MD 21136